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Tips for Holidaymakers

August 23, 2018 by David Byrnes

The Beginning of a Great Holiday

Thise are tips for holidaymakers to enable you to plan for the very best holiday – ever!. Here are some Tips for Holidaymakers.

You are thinking  how good and enjoyable your holiday is going to be. Inevitably some hiccoughs  will occur.Within weeks of returning these are normally forgotten leaving only the pleasurable memories. The following are a few tips to help you to have even more pleasurable memories.

Disconnect from work.

Spend half a day tidying up all outstanding issues at work. Delegate remaining work. Apply similar measures to your family. Having done that  go on holidays with a clear head ready to absorb the pleasures ahead.

Set priorities for your holiday.

Why are you on this holiday – for relaxation, for adventure, to further bond with the family or for other reasons? When clear on your “why” it helps set the program for your daily activities e.g. where to eat, whether to spend time hiking, sporting or walking on the beach etc.

Be inquisitive.

People get most out of their holiday by staying curious and open. Follow your heart to areas you have always wanted to explore but also remain alert to other unexpected pleasures.

Welcome the unfamiliar.

Life is often very repetitive and sometimes even boring. Be open to meeting new people and perhaps exploring places in which you are unfamiliar.

Take notes.

Keeping a diary can be a pain but is a good way to store treasured memories which can be awakened at a later date.

Enjoy nature.

There are abundant areas within the Copacabana/Central coast region that cry out for contact with nature. Glorious well formed walking trails abound, the surf calls and there are also numerous rocky areas where children can search for crabs and other small critters.

Be observant.

Watch the people around you and their interactions. This can be calming and interesting adding a new dimension to your peace and contemplation.

Mundane housekeeping.

  • choose a pet-friendly place or arrange friends or the vet to look after any pets,
  • Tell your neighbours when you will be away and  ask them to collect your mail and bring in the garbage cans. If on extended holidays ask the Post Office to hold your mail),
  • Remove perishables from the refrigerator,
  • Try to maintain an impression of occupation such as a having an interior light on a timer- preferably random.
  • Try to keep your luggage to a minimum – you will probably collect more odds and ends on the way.

Check local information

Open and carefully read the “Copacabana and Central Coast Attractions” section on this website to familiarise with just about everything available in the area. If you find any treasure not already mentioned contact us so that it will be included for future readers.


Have a really wonderful holiday.