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Macmasters Beach Information

July 23, 2018 by Central Coast Holiday Homes
MacMaster’s Beach

Macmaster’s Beach Information


People seek holidays at Macmasters Beach because of the attractive, sandy, patrolled beach with close proximity to Sydney.  As you approach Macmasters look out for Sea-Coast Fishing so later, you will be able to obtain the freshest fish on the coast. Also note Looloo’s Coffee Shack at Macs, on the outskirts of Macmasters, because it is the first and last coffee shop in the area! Except for the Surf Club and associated Bare Foot Café, Macmasters is development resistant and therefore exclusively residential.

Macmaster Ocean Pool - great for kids.

Macmaster Ocean Pool

The Macmasters Beach Surf Club is situated on the southern part of a patrolled section of the beach.  Below Captain Cook’s Second Point and close to the Surf Club, is an ideal and pleasant ocean pool. It is idyllic for young families because it is a reasonable size with a smooth sandy bottom and is protected from the waves by a wall. Our own family often take their children up there because of those attributes. Surrounding rock shelves are great for exploring and fishing. Surfers enjoy a right hand break  which dominates the area.

Macmasters Beach is sandy, slopes gently and extends almost half a kilometer before ending at Cochrane Lagoon. Halfway up the beach is a low rocky buff. From this point the beachfront is lined by prestigious houses built on sand dunes. As a result the occupants have direct sandy access to the surf. The remainder of Macmasters Beach has more modest accommodation. In all there are approximately 1,000 resident, retirees and visitors.

Cochrane Lagoon

Cochrane Lagoon is a large body of water separating Copacabana  from Macmasters Beach. The lagoon is the jewel in the Copacabana/Macmasters crown. Of many beaches nearby, none has such a child and pet friendly body of water and as a result an idyllic area for family holidays with children.

The lagoon is mostly quite shallow and therefore the water is warm. Swimming, splashing and the usual water games are favourite distractions. Some areas are deeper thus being suitable for swimming, boating and canoeing.

Because of property flooding it is sometimes necessary to open the lagoon  after heavy rains. This is a very special spectator event. Digging the channel starts a trickle of water which is quickly followed by a raging torrent producing large standing waves. In no time children, board riders and fish go in all directions. This spectacular event usually draws a large crowd.

Activities – Things to do around Macmasters Beach


Visitors spend most of their time enjoying the beach with its excellent surfing, board-riding, and relaxing.  The Cochrane Lagoon is a delightful place for families and pets to enjoy. It mostly has shallow, warm areas as well as deeper areas for canoes, sailboards etc. Nearby is the Brisbane Waters complex for more serious boating and fishing.

Walking and Hiking around Macmasters Beach

A 1.4 km stroll to Copacabana Beach is good exercise. The reward is coffe, snacks or ice-cream at the local shops.

A 1.4 Km stroll along the beach to Copacabana is good exercise

Stroll along the Beach to Copacabana

Extensive nature trails through the adjacent Bouddi National Park lead to delightful headlands and little hidden beaches. As a result bush walking is a popular activity in this area. One can also walk (or drive) to Copacabana and up to the lookout where whales are frequently visible during the migratory seasons.

Where to Dine around Macmasters Beach?

Since Macmasters Beach has no evening restaurant dining out necessarily involves a trip to one of the adjacent areas such as Avoca, Copacabana, Killcare, Hardy’s Bay, Terrigal or Kincumber.

Iconic Avoca Theatre - recently renovated. Used to have outdoor showings. Visit this for one of the good things to do at Copacabana.

Avoca Theatre


There is an excellent restored movie theatre at Avoca which is worth a trip in itself – enjoy dinner and take in a movie.  You can also go to the Hoyts Movie complex at Erina Fair is to see the latest films. The trip will take you no longer than 15 mins.

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