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December 19, 2016 by Central Coast Holiday Homes

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Copacabana Beach Holidays

Background and Free Listings – About Us.

This boutique website aims to promote Holiday Listings and Local Business in the Copacabana area. The formula provides more exposure and reduced costs. Read further about us and the free listings.

We own a holiday property in Copacabana which, for the past 29 of 30 years was continually rented. However, a very large multinational website bought the Australian owned holiday website. Consequently we now only see return clients. Over-listing has destroyed the usefulness of large rental organisations. For example, one site has 986 listings for Copacabana. Of course, this advantages renters but owners lose exposure. Bookings do not result from being on page 2+ (we were on page 5).  Because of this we need a site with a limited (maybe 8-10) number of listings. However it is vital to have a high position in the browser searches.  Rental exposure for all of us is then better.

Increasing charges and booking costs is another problem. The powerful big sites can now adopt a take-it-or-leave-it approach. However a small, self managed site should drastically reduce costs while simultaneously increasing rentals.


We spent the last year developing a DIY holiday website. Here you  manage your site. Accordingly, you enter your listing by an automated process. You are responsible for accepting or declining bookings. You confirm the booking and issues the invoice via an automated email. You receive payment for bookings as sonn as the Client pays. A manager  may handle all of the above. On the day of departure the client receives an email requesting a review.

Presently, on any large site, an ocean of other listings obscures your listing.  You have  little control over the type of person renting your property. You receive the rental money only on the day of entry.

Our main aim is not profitability but, eventually, small charges to cover the start-up and maintenance costs is desirable. Importantly, we will keep costs to a minimum.


This website took hundreds of  hours to develop. Optimisation of Search engines  is continuous. However it is now fully functional. Importantly it is now high in browser searches (immediately under the paid adds).


Locating property owners is a particular difficulty since, obviously, they do not reside at the property. This problem has no obvious solution except for direct communication around the community.

Why not List your property on this website?

I  see no valid reason to avoid listing. We guarantee total disclosure. There are no listing charges. You can simultaneously list on other site(s).

Free listings on this site can only increase your rentals.  Manager/owner relationships remain unchanged.  As an introductory offer  I am responsible for all funding until 2020.  Eventually bookings will incur a charge but this shouldn’t be above 1/3 of that charged by the multinationals.

You can immediately remove your property from the site if dissatisfied


Fortunately I have time to help you list your property. If you wish me to post your property just send me photos and relevant text.  Since all communications and fund transfers are between the client and owner/manager you will need to register your contact details. The site uses protected passwords for security.

In Summary I am offering Copacabana property owners free listing on my site with absolutely no charges until 1020. We will always keep charges a minimum. Having more houses on the site will raise the profile further, hence we will all benefit.

If you are not happy you are free to leave.

I will gladly help you with any listing problems.

If you have suggestions to improve the site you will find that I am a willing listener .

Thank you for spending the time to read this article. I hope you will consider listing.


David and Julie Byrnes


David and Julie Byrnes 0407245400

Code of Conduct

  • We will respect the privacy of owners and guests at all time,
  • We will keep rental transaction costs at a minimum within the constraints of viability (no costs before 2020).
  • All monetary transactions are between guests and owners/managers.
  • Owners/managers and clients can communicate freely prior to acceptance of a booking. On departure the client receives an automated request for a review (very important).
  • Bookings are with deposits without requirement for full payment at the time of booking.
  • Booking money goes directly to the owner.
  • The site will never charge for listings